MEDIUM. Alexandre's Caribbean Peppers - Milder Scotch-Bonnet Picklese

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**50% Fewer Scotch Bonnet peppers than the Original**


Alexandre was born and raised on the small Caribbean island of Haiti.  Growing up, she noticed that every family home, from the poorest to the wealthiest, had a special jar of bright chopped vegetables sitting on the kitchen counter. She wondered, "Why was this food so special?" So, she began to carefully watch her grandmothers and mother prepare it every week by hand:  First, they would carefully select peppers and other fresh vegetables from the garden; then, they chopped them "just right" and mixed in some fragrant seasonings -- the aroma was amazing!  Finally, they packed it all in a big glass jar and waited for days while the flavors became alive.

Later on as teenagers, Alexandre and her siblings moved to New York City.  A thousand miles from home, she stayed true to her roots by always keeping a full jar on the table, just like her mom and grandmothers did. When friends came over, they always asked her, “Alexandre, what is in that jar?” So, she would give them a taste. The next question always was, “Do you think I can have just a small jar to take home with me?” Of course, the answer was always "Yes!" They loved it so much, they would always come back for more.

Over the years, each time she made a new jar for herself, she would make a few extras so that she could share with friends, other family members and co-workers. The response from everyone was always the same. “This is so good, you need to start selling it.”

Finally, after giving away hundreds of jars as gifts, Alexandre’s Caribbean Peppers is finally born…

It is now being proudly made by hand, packaged and distributed from Houston, Texas.

We're sharing the Family Caribbean "Flavor With A Kick!"